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Taipei City best pubs ktv bars in Taiwan

Taipei Bars
Taipei Bars

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, situated on the Danshui River, almost at the northern tip of the country, about 25 km southwest of Keelung, which is its port on the Pacific Ocean.

The best month to visit Taiwan is September and October

Taipei has many bars and pubs, so don't miss your trip without visit the best bar in the Taipei City. Taipei has more than its share of hostess bars. Just bring plenty of funds for the drinks and the company. There are also a number of gay bars which provide a welcoming atmosphere. The common nightspots found everywhere are discotheques, piano bars, music lounges, and pubs.

Food and drinks go concurrently in Chinese society. Drinks, namely beer, wine and spirits, usually accompany meals. After a tiring work day, drinks are a form of 'letting loose' and revealing the inner-person.

If you enjoy pubs and bars, Sugar Daddy Row around Shuang Cheng Street is the place to visit. Other Taipei best Pubs, bars, KTV are listed here :

1. 45 Pub
2nd Floor, 45, Hoping East Road
Section 1, Taipei City
Tel: +886-2 2321-2140

2. Brown Sugar
1st Floor, 218 Chin Shan South Road
Section 2, Taipei City
Tel:+886-2 2322-4677

3. Hard Rock Café
Basement 100, Tun Hua North Road, Taipei City
No phone as it is located in the basement of the Asiaworld Hotel.

4. Malibu Café & Bar
5, Lane 91, Jen Ai Road
Section 4, Taipei City
Tel: +886-2 2776-4963

5. My Place
3-1 Lane 32, Shuang Cheng Street, Taipei City
Tel: +886-2 2591-4269

6. Opium Den
Basement, 32 Jen Ai Road
Section 3, Taipei City
Tel: +886-2 2705-8922

7. The Pig
1st Floor, 78 Tien Mu East Road
Shih Lin District, Taipei City
Tel: +886-2 2874-0631

8. Planet Hollywood
2nd Floor, 16 Sung Sho Road
Hsin Yi District, Taipei City
Tel: +886-2 2723-3304

9. TU
Basement 249 Fushing North Road
Section 1, Taipei City
Tel: +886-2 2704-7290
Business hours: Opens at about 8 p.m., but really gets going after midnight.

10. Ziga Zaga
2nd Floor, Grand Hyatt Hotel
2, Sung Sho Road, Taipei City
Tel: +886-2 2720-1200 ext. 3288

11. Blue Note
4F, 171 Roosevelt Road, Section 3,Taipei 106 Taiwan Region
Tel No:- +886 (0)2 2362 2333
Open Hours: 7am-1am daily

12. Cha Lounge
Grand Hyatt Taipei, 2 Sung Shou Road,Taipei 110 Taiwan Region
Tel No:- +886 (0)2 2720 1130
Open Hours: Noon-1am daily

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